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Wellbeing and Lifestyle Retreat Centre

We intergrade Herbal Medicine, Naturopathic Consultations & Food Therapies in conventional medicines, practices and therapies
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Therapeutic Nutrition: Healthy Weight Loss:  Stronger Immune System:  Soothing Environment:  Effective Detoxification:   Free Biohacking Therapies:    Massage:   Gym:  Walks:  Bicycle riding and More.


Africa4health Missions health lifestyle retreat centre is a unique destination for healing,  wellness and lifestyle retreat in Africa. We are here to guide you to your optimal healing through programs to revitalise your body, reconnect you with your mind and emotions, re-energise and balance you fully with additional therapies and activities such as meditation, bicycle riding, and daily nature walks. As Africa4health Missions health lifestyle retreat centre, we offer our guests a wonderful combination of natural wellbeing, lifestyle change, detox experience and relaxing retreat holiday in Zambia’s soothing environment, helping to improve your overall wellbeing and peace of mind. Join us for a unique wellbeing experience at Africa4health Missions health lifestyle retreat centre.


All You Need is a Little Inspiration

After an effective 4-21 Day program at  Africa4health Missions health lifestyle retreat centre will empower you to increase your life quality to focus on your real goals in life. Our approach to health and wellbeing starts with YOU and YOUR desires from life. We will merely guide you towards the best version of yourself with our vast experience in transforming people.

Join Anytime That Suits You

Unlike other wellness retreat programs, at Africa4health Missions health lifestyle retreat centre we are ready to have you 365 days of the year. Our facility and team of experts are at your disposal year-round. Remember: The best time to start your transformation is NOW.


Stay as Long as You Need

Depending on your needs and availability, you are welcome to choose the optimum length for your journey. We suggest at least 4 days to kickstart any transformation; however, we have had guests stay with us for up to six months. It depends on you, just like everything else in your life.

Included Services

  • Accommodation

  • Detox or Healthy Nutrition Meal Plan

  • Supporting Supplements and Super Foods

  • Doctor Consultation

  • Detox Consultation

  • Body Composition Analysis

  • Free Biohacking Therapies

  • Daily Oxygen Therapy 

  • Daily Luminette Light Therapy 

  • Daily Colon Cleansing 

  • Daily Infrared Sauna

  • Morning Walks

  • Daily Yoga Classes 

  • Daily Meditation Session

  • Health Talks from our Experts

  • Raw Vegan Food Workshops

  • Informative Kits for Before and After Program

Soothing Atmosphere

All of TheLifeCo centers are located in peaceful and relaxing locations

Qualified Medical Team

Doctor and medical support on-site to assist you in your healing journey

Intravenous Therapies

Various IV Treatments to boost the healing process and generate youth

The LifeCo Beach

Enjoy your shakes, while enjoying the beautiful Aegean sea during wellness retreats in Turkey

Award-Winning Programs

Our master detox program has been awarded various international awards

Exercise & Fitness

Activities to increase your emotional and physical balance and your inner peace

Education Programs

Every day we hold lectures or workshops to share our expertise with our guests

Diet & Wellness Coaching

Your personal program coordinator will assist you through your healing journey

Body Composition Analysis

We can calculate your basal metabolic rate based on your oxygen uptake during your wellness retreat

Mental Wellness & Mindfulness

We provide full support for improved mental wellness as well as the physical and spiritual

our family is growing

What is waiting for you at Africa4health Missions health lifestyle retreat centre?

Africa4health Missions health lifestyle retreat centre will offer a result-oriented professional wellness retreat experience. Every plant-based healthy nutrition and detox program was prepared with the belief that all our guests would see a change in their ongoing daily life after Africa4health Missions health lifestyle retreat centre experience. Press the ‘reset button’ on your health with a wellness retreat Africa4health Missions health lifestyle retreat centre.

Weight loss programs, diabetes recovery, transformational detox programs, holistic treatments, colon hydrotherapy, and relaxing spa treatments are at your disposal, led by our professional medical team in Zambia. We also offer the most relaxing spa in Bodrum, We look forward to welcoming you to our Africa4health Missions health lifestyle retreat centre.

Detox Programs​

Cleanse your body with our award-winning detox programs as a foundation of your transformation.

Weight Loss Programs

An effective and lasting way to lose weight, while achieving various health benefits to achieve a better functioning body

Hypertension Program

Hypertension is considered a silent killer as it is difficult to detect. Our low-calorie plant-based programs will protect you against this threat

Liver Support Program

Consider giving your liver the well-deserved rest to let it recover and function more effectively by joining an IV intensive program at our centers

Diabetes Recovery Program

Type II diabetes is a reversible disease with life quality decreasing side effects. You may reverse it with a 21-day program at Africa4health Missions health lifestyle retreat centre

Healthy Nutrition Programs

A different Food Experience with our innovative cuisine to change the way you think and feel about nutrition

GetFit & Healthy Program

If you are into gaining muscle as you get rid of your toxins, this program can increase your muscle ratio by targeted exercising suitable during detox.

Water Fasting Program

Medically supervised water fasting applied at our centers can be considered as the ultimate detox experience. Witness the anti-aging effects of water fasting at Africa4health Missions health lifestyle retreat centre

Anti-Aging Program

Anti Aging at Africa4health Missions health lifestyle retreat centre starts from inside out with targeted natural treatments and an intermittent fasting meal plan

Cholesterol Program

Invest in your heart health by joining a program that focuses on balancing your diet and maintaining a healthy cholesterol level

How can I arrive at Africa4health Missions health lifestyle retreat centre?

Which airport should I arrive at?

You can land at Levy Mwanawasa International Airport in Ndola Zambia which is --- hours / minutes away from our center by car.

How do I get from the airport to Africa4health Missions health lifestyle retreat centre?

Upon your request, we can organize airport transfers to and from Levy Manawasa Airport to Africa4health Missions health lifestyle retreat centre

How can we meet you at the airport?

If you have an international flight, please make sure you exit the airport from the international gate. Do not exit from the domestic gate unless your flight is domestic. When you are at the right gate, please look for our representative holding a sign with Africa4health Missions health lifestyle retreat centre and your name/flight details on it.

Are there any alternative airports within the area?


Retreat Health Centres Clinic

Herbal Medicine, Naturopathic Consultations & Therapies

Our Online Consultations are in two parties

1. Initial Consultation

1 hour duration
 - (This cost does not include herbal medicines)

2. Follow Up Consultation (after 1-3 months of therapy)

45 minutes duration
£10 - (This cost does not include herbal medicines)

Total cost of Both is; £35.00

Sliding Scale Consultations

Please contact me directly to discuss your circumstances

Click to book an Online Consultation


Order Herbal Remedies 

(Freshly prepared after order )(Payment on deliver)

​✔100% Natural Herbal Medicine

✔100% Tested And Trusted

✔Pure Roots & Herbs

✔0% Side Effects


Cure yourself from that infections and diseases today.. Don’t hide your sickness in your body without treatment, because if you do, the results will be disastrous.

We cure diseases, viruses and infections through the powerful and effective wonders of pure natural roots and herbs....remember health is wealth.

Africa4health Missions health lifestyle retreat centre Prices

Deluxe Room

  • Single £370

  • Double £540

Grand Deluxe 

  • Single £490

  •  Double £630

Family Suite

  • Up to three people £530

  • Up to Five People £700

*Prices above include our meals, basic services and accommodation. This does not include Access to an on-site gym, pool, or other areas, Concierge service, Internet access,   Parking, Shuttle service, Swimming pool Access, Bike rentals,   In-room amenities such as coffee, tea or an in-room safe and many more

*Our room rates may vary according to times of the year and other factors. You can contact our team for more information.


Wellbeing and Lifestyle Retreat Centre

Personalized, Result-Oriented Approach

Get ready for a change at Africa4health missions! Focus on yourself almost selfishly to transform into a better version of yourself. Away from the struggles of city life, at the safest hands of professionals, you will benefit the most from life after Africa4health Missions Health Lifestyle Retreat centre

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