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Respiratory System Health

Lung Emphysema

The exaggerated and permanent dilation of lung alveoli. It usually appears as a consequence of repeated bronchitis. Medicinal herbs are one more elements in the treatment of this affliction, with a mainly preventive action. All pectoral plants are also recommended.


The emission of blood with expectoration, coming from the respiratory system. This disorder must always be checked out by a physician, in order to discard tumors or tuberculosis as its causes. Once the cause is known,   plants such as these can be administered to stop haemorrhage.

Coughing is, in many cases a defence mechanism of our body to expel mucus or foreign bodies located in the interior of the trachea or the bronchi. In these cases, coughing is productive, and expels mucus. In other cases, coughing id dry, non productive, and caused by an irritating focus of infections, or more rarely tumoral, origin.

These antitussive medicinal herbs can ease coughing by means of several mechanisms: by relaxing the bronchial muscles spasm (antispasmodic) action), by making mucus more liquid which eases its expulsion (mucolytic action), or by producing nerve sedation.

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