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Nervous System Health

Fatigue and Asthenia

Fatigue is weakness of the body subsequent to excessive effort, which is not accompanied by the necessary recovery of the affected organs or systems.

Physical fatigue is usually preceded by a high muscular effort or a serious disease. Nervous tiredness may appear after a period of sustained high intellectual activity, or prolonged nervous tension.

Asthenia is the lack or loss of strength and energy which appears spontaneously, with no direct relation to any previous effort.

Depression, Nervousness

It is a psychological state of melancholy and deed sadness, with or without any evident cause, as well as a loss of appetite,m insomnia, and a propensity to inactivity.

We recommend those plants with an invigorating and balancing action on the nervous system, as well as those which add nutritive substances such as vitamins B or lectin, stimulant or excitant plants or substances must not be used in the treat of depression.

Nervousness and Anxiety

  • Nervousness is a state of nervous excitation, whether justified or not.

  • Anxiety is an undesirable and unjustified  emotion whose intensity is not in proportion to its likely cause. Anxiety is different than fear. The latter implies the presence of a known actual danger. Anxiety usually manifests itself externally, in a state of nervous hyperexcitation.

Medicinal herbs can be highly effective in combating nervousness and anxiety, sedating and balancing the nervous system.


The phytotherapeutic healing of stress consists of the combination of two kinds of plants, invigorating herbs which augment vital energy to confront daily stressful situations, and balancing or sedative plants in order to soften the organic response to certain stressful situations.

Besides the aforementioned plants, we recommend invigorating herbs such as winter savoury, peppermint, or rosemary, and balancing ones such as hawthorn.