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Blood Health

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A decrease of the amount of blood especially of its erythrocytes (red blood cells). The phytotherapeutical treatment consists of using antiamemic plants, rich in iron (the basic element of erythrocytes), but also with abundant amount of other minerals, vitamins, (especially vitamin C), and enzymes, which activate the body. There are plants, such as ginseng, which increase the production of red blood cells.


This is a accumulation of blood in the tissues, outside the blood vessels. We refer here to the hematomas located under the skin, caused by injuries or bruises. These plants locaaly applied promote reabsorption and diminish local inflammation. 


Bleeding, the plants here mentioned have hemostatic and vasoconstrictive properties. Its action is enhanced when they are taken orally and externally. Any abnormal hemorrhage should be treated by a physian.


This is the formation of a clot inside a vessel (artey or nein), which remains in the same place it is formed. When the clot moves from that place, flowing through the interior of the veins or arteries, an embolism is produced.

Arterial thrombosis usually occur after an arteriosclerosis on the arterial walls. Phytotherapy offers plants that rnhance blood circulation and make it more fluid, thus exerting an interesting preventive action on this disorder. Plants which decreases cholesterol levels are also useful in the prevention of thrombosis.