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How to Volunteer in Africa4Health Missions

They are eight (8) Ways to volunteer with Africa4Health Missions. Just choose one or more which suits you best.
Please read:
1. Code of Conduct for all Volunteers and Employees of Africa4Health Missions and
2. Volunteers Policies and benefits
1. Regular Volunteer
To volunteer in Africa4Health Missions project or any other projects, programs and activities of Africa4health Missions you will need to fill a form which is found on Africa4health Missions main website: Please Click on the button ‘Register as Volunteer” below, to Register as Volunteer:

2. Invite your Friends
Tell your friends how great Africa4Health Missions is and let them know how to join Africa4Health Missions as a member or as a volunteer . Use Facebook and Twitter below and call, text or email your friends.
3. Post flyers
Print this flyer (PDF) and post it at your workplace, around your neighbourhood or at your local community centres and coffee shops. Africa4Health Missions Flyer
. Host a home meeting
A sponsored home meeting is just a get together. These meetings are to allow relatives, friends and neighbours to express community primarily needs. And to introduce Africa4Health Missions, and our projects, programs, activities, caring and helping others, community services, home business opportunities, social investments, outdoor and indoor activities and many more. These home meetings have to have 4-12 people. It's easy to host a home meeting, just pick a time and place and invite people to come. Have the meeting in your home, at a park or at a local community centre - whatever works best for you. The host will receive £20.00 for hosting the meeting after you have given an approve report.
5. Write about Africa4Health Missions 

Contribute an article on Africa4Health Missions projects to the school, church or other community newsletters you receive. Write on your Facebook wall, write a tweet or write on your blog. 
6. Contact local media
Ask your local newspapers, radio stations or bloggers to write a positive article about Africa4Health Missions. Grab their interest by telling them an memorable story about Africa4Health Missions. If you've received help or donations or free stuff and many more, tell them how your problems where solved or much money you've saved and what you've been able to do with the donation, help or free items - redecorate, clothe your family, do arts and crafts, do home business. Or tell them about the best project you've seen or attend organised by Africa4Health Missions.
7. Reach out to local organisations
Many organisations are happy to help promote and support Charitable projects and programs.
You might try contacting your local market so you can setup a table to talk to people at the market about Africa4health Missions. Or reach out to the people who need help, who are in need or environmental issues in your local government and ask them to spread the word on their website or in their newsletters. 
You'll probably have the most success with organisations who help people or have goals similar to Africa4Health Missions, such as Churches, charities, Volunteer groups and local councils, non-profits, and schools.
8. Post reviews and comments
Help keep Africa4Health Missions running smoothly by reviewing the posts and products   on this website to make sure that none of the posts or product break the main rules of the site.

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