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High Blood Pressure

The increase in blood pressure, wether systolic (Maximum) pressure, or diastolic (minimum) pressure, can be caused by pathological reasons, such as liver dysfunction, arteriosclerosis, or hormonal disorders. However, in many cases the cause of the disorder is unknown, hence it is called essential hypertension.

Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure causes tiredness, fatigue, and decreased muscular tone. The recommended plants invigorate the nervous and circulatory systems, and are better than the habitual consumption of exciting substances such as coffee, yerba mate, or tea.


A sudden loss of consciousness, accompanied by falling over. It is usually associated with hypotension. Besides the recommended plants for hypertension, which may prevent fainting, these three may be used, which provide balance to the nervous and circulatory system.



Thickening and narrowing of the arterial walls caused by cholesterol deposits, which produces less blood supply to the afflicted tissues.

Phytotherapy offers vasodilator plants, blood thinning, and plants rich in trace elements such as, silicon, which promote the regeneration of the tissues that form the arterial walls. 

All plants that decrease the level of cholesterol prevent and avoid the manifestation of arteriosclerosis, because this fatty substance is the cause of the degeneration and narrowing of the arterial walls.

Lack of Blood Flow

Also called circulatory insufficiency, it is characterised by an imbalance between the amount of blood needed by an organ and the amount that it actually receives through the arteries. It especially affects the brain, producing sickness, loss of memory and intellectual degeneration, among other symptoms.



Also called erythema pernio, this is a disorder of local blood flow caused by the cold, and characterised by the appearance of itching and reddening on the arms or legs. Besides these plants, applied in baths or compresses, capillary protecting plant are also recommended.


High Cholesterol

Plants thats decrease