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Veins Health

Varicose Veins

Caused by permanent dilation of the veins. All these plants  have venotonic action, that is to say, they strengthen the walls of the veins, avoiding excessive dilation. Venotonic plants also act by promoting the return of blood inside the veins.


Some of these plants also have capillary protecting  properties, thus regenerating and strengthening the cells that form the tiny vessels or capillaries through which the blood flows to the tissues. This way, tissues. This way, the edema in tissues diminishes, and blood circulation is improved.


An inflammation of the veins that is to say that usually occurs in varicose veins, previously dilated veins. Besides the recommended plants for varicose veins, phyto therapeutic treatment of phlebitis requires the local application of compresses or poultices of these plants on the area affected by phlebitis