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Sing & Record local Music Challenge Win £500 Cash

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Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


Are you a passionate musician always looking for a new challenge? Look no further! The Singing Recording Challenge, also known as the local Music Challenge, is a challenge where you the contestants' writing and singing gospel song skills are put to the test in order to win the challenge. You also need to perform live or lip sync the recorded track using either mobile phone or video camera. This challenge has five (5) steps, Each step completed will be awarded badges as follows . Step 1 Cash £20; Step 2 £30; Step 3 £40; Step 4 £60; Step 5 £100 and if all steps are completed rightly you will receive the Challenge grand price of £500 All Five (5) Steps The first person or team to complete all five (5) steps successfully will receive total sum of £250 plus Steps badge value, that is £250 + £20 + £30 + £40 + £60 + £100 = £500 We pay you for your Video or Audio Music Earn Money posting your Music on Shared Gallery on this website We Pay £0.10 to £1800 per posting: Then sign up on Africa4health Missions as a member and upload your music audio or video to "Shared Gallery Page" to get paid for your video or audio music website content. After uploading your music click on the 3 dots that appear on the right side of your upload and copy the link and start sharing your music with your friends and relatives and on social media. Any song which will have highest number of views and likes per quarter will be paid according to the terms and conditions. See terms and conditions and prizes

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Singing Recording Challenge

Singing Recording Challenge

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